Our Soehnle bathroom scales offer a wide range of styles and designs to suit every home. Whether you want a smart high gloss black minimalist design, a scale with an easy to read display or a space efficient compact slim design, we have everything covered.

All Soehnle bathroom scales have an automatic on-off function to save and improve the battery life with the reassurance of a 5 year guarantee.

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SOEHNLE Natural Bamboo Digital Bathroom Scales
Bamboo - natural and trendy. The personal digital scale in Bamboo brings freshness and a sense of nature into the bathroom. Equipped with a stable weighing platform made of real bamboo, this high quality material feels pleasantly warm and is hygienic thanks to its easy cleaning surface.
SOEHNLE Shape Sense Control 100 Digital Bathroom Scales
Ideal for all fitness enthusiasts. The digital body analysis scale Shape Sense Control 100 in black impresses with its elegant extra-thin Soehnle design and is the perfectly suitable for every modern bathroom. With this body analysis scale, it allows a perfect start to a healthier and more active life.
SOEHNLE Style Sense Comfort 100 Digital Bathroom Scales
Theres a lot inside the digital personal scale Style Sense Comfort 100 scores with its elegant design in white, its high-quality features, and lots of comfort. With a large digit display on the LCD screen making body weight easy to read with a high load capacity weight of up to 180 kg / 396 lb.
SOEHNLE Style Sense Comfort 500 Digital Bathroom Scales
The Style Sense 500 glass scale that gives that wow factor every morning! When switched off, the scales display disappears presenting a shiny black glass surface. The extra-large patent design LED display becomes visible when stood on featuring an easy to read white display.
SOEHNLE Style Sense Compact 100 Digital Bathroom Scales
The small black scale for the modern bathroom. The digital personal scale Style Sense Compact 100 is impressive with its simple elegance. With its compact, extra-thin design it can be stored anywhere to save space making it ideal especially for smaller bathrooms where space may be limited.
SOEHNLE Style Sense Compact 200 Black Edition Digital Bathroom Scales
The Style Sense Compact 200 Back Edition boasts a stylish stripe combination in a matt black satin and shiny black glass finish making for a high-quality trendy design. With its compact, extra-thin design, it is not only easy to store anywhere but an ideal fit for smaller bathrooms
SOEHNLE Style Sense Compact 200 Digital Bathroom Scales
The Style Sense Compact 200 digital scale has a compact and extra-thin stylish design, it will fit and store anywhere and is ideal for smaller bathrooms. The easy-to-read digits display body weight in 100 g / 0.2 lb precise increments up to a maximum weight of 180 kg / 396 lb.