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Leifheit Telegant 36 Protect Plus Wall-Mounted Towel Rack, Foldaway Clothes Airer for Indoor and Outdoor, Clothes Drying Rack for Indoor or Outdoor, 3.6 m Drying Space, White, 72 x 37 cm

Leifheit Telegant 36 Protect Plus Wall-Mounted Towel Rack – Foldaway Clothes Airer for Indoor & Outdoor Use

The Leifheit Telegant 36 Protect Plus Rack offers 3.6 m of drying length and is a versatile and convenient wall mounted clothes dryer for any home. With a practical width of 72 cm and a maximum extension of 37 cm, it is an ideal compact fit on any wall within the home: above the washing machine or a radiator, in the bathroom, on the balcony or even within a garage. The dryer fans out by holding each recessed handle at the side and gently pulling out. The rails are staggered to increase airflow. When the rails are laundry-free, push the two handles back towards the wall and the dryer folds away. The rails and frame are made from plastic coated steel so are weatherproof, robust, strong and can be easily wiped clean. The bar beneath is made from aluminium and will not rust. The Telegant 36 Protect Plus comes with screws and standard wall plugs for mounting. However, some walls may require special fittings – these are not supplied.

Product details:

  • Versatile drying
  • Compact in size
  • Easy to open
  • Folds down to store away
  • Dimensions W 72 x D 37 cm

  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: The compact size and robust nature of this collapsible clothes drying rack means it can be placed anywhere, both indoors and outdoors
  • Large surface: This large drying space laundry drying rack has 8 rails with a total drying length of 3.6 m as well as a 72 cm aluminum bar, perfect as a towel rail
  • Strong and Robust: Made from strong and durable materials, this laundry rack from Leifheit will be long-lasting and always make sure you have clean laundry
  • Folds up easily: We made this towel rack wall mounted so it can quickly be pulled out when needed or folded away into a compact and discreet housing when not in use
  • Product Details: Leifheit Telegant 36 Protect Plus wall dryer (72 x 37 x 14 cm), mounting material included, Colour: white, 3-year warranty Item: 83201


Leifheit Pegasus Tower 190 Standing Clothes Airer, Foldable Tower Airer Clothes Rack for Outdoor & Indoor, 19 m Clothes Horse, Leifheit Airer

Leifheit Pegasus Tower 190 Standing Clothes Airer

The Leifheit Pegasus Tower airer is a real space-saving wonder. It fits into practically every corner: whether in the shower, in a narrow bathroom, on a small balcony or in narrow corridors. Thanks to its foldable middle shelf, the tower dryer can also be folded individually making it suitable for drying large and especially long items of laundry. The Pegasus Tower is the ideal laundry rack for families with very little drying space and when not in use can be made small and fit effortlessly between a cabinet and a wall.

The Leifheit Pegasus Tower 190 is 1.52 metres high and weighs 4.1 kg. With a set-up space of just H 152 x 66.5 x 61 cm and three drying levels on top of each other, this airer offers 19 metres of line length for drying and space for 2 washing machine loads.

Product Details:

  • Large airer: 19 m of drying space
  • Multiple loads: Holds 2 wash loads
  • Folding Shelf: To dry long items
  • Rustproof: Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Dimensions: Closed 150 x 66 x 9 cm, Open 150 x 66 x 61 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Durable: 5 year Leifheit guarantee

  • Tall drying space: On this drying rack clothes have space to dry, with a line length of 19 m, meaning 1-2 wash loads can be dried at once
  • Folding Shelf: Thanks to its foldable shelf, this clothes drying rack can be used to dry both short and long items without them touching the ground
  • Compact size: Large clothes airer although tall, it is compact and can fit inside most showers making it a space saving wonder
  • Rustproof: This strong, sturdy clothes dryer rack is coated in a rustproof paint making it suitable for outdoors as well as indoors
  • Product details: Leifheit freestanding dryer 150 x 66 x 9 cm Closed, 150 x 66 x 61 cm Open. 19 m laundry rack colour: white/blue. Weight 4 kg. Item: 81435

Leifheit Classic Tower 450 Standing Clothes Airer, Foldable Clothes Rack for Outdoor & Indoor, 45 m Clothes Horse with multiple Hooks for Hangers, Leifheit Airer

Leifheit Classic Tower 450 airer – For drying indoors and out

Leifheit Classic Tower 450 airer is a versatile household helper. With an extra long line length of 45 m in total, the stable clothes horse dryer offers space for up to 4 washing machine loads and its large drying space allows larger laundry to dry crease-free. Thanks to its extra tall height of 176 cm, clothes can be hung easily. The 4 tiers are capable of being folded down either side to hang longer items. With a width of 69 cm, the airer can fit through standard doorways easily. Furthermore, practical hooks are included. This allows for hangers to hook on to and clothes to be hung and aired, thus increasing the amount of washing the airer can hold. The drying rails are powder coated making it rustproof and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors.

Product Details:

  • Large airer: 45 m of drying space
  • Multiple loads: Holds approx. 4 wash loads
  • Accessories: Multiple hooks for hangers
  • Mobile: Includes 4 rollers at base
  • Rustproof: Powder coated rails allow to be used indoor and outdoor
  • Dimensions: Closed 176 x 69 x 7 cm, Open 176 x 69 x 73 cm
  • Weight: 5.4 kg

  • Extra large drying space: Extra high drying rack clothes can dry over 4 tiers with length of 45 m; Holds 4 wash loads with hangers for tops
  • Sturdy and robust: Made of rustproof materials with chip-resistant paint, this sturdy clothes dryer rack also offers great stability
  • Folding shelves: Moveable tiers allow frame to fold in half vertically; Space saving, fits inside shower; Dry long items without touching the ground
  • Easily mobile: The clothes dryer rack can be easily moved thanks to 4 rollers at its base, even on delicate floors like laminate and parquet
  • Product details: Leifheit freestanding dryer 176 x 69 x 7 cm closed, 176 x 69 x 73 cm Open, 45 m laundry rack colour: white/blue; Weight 5.4 kg; Item: 81456