Leifheit Clean Twist Medium Mop And Wheeled Bucket Set

Leifheit Clean Twist Medium Mop And Wheeled Bucket Set

Leifheit Clean Twist Medium Mop And Wheeled Bucket Set, Moisture Controlled Spin; Faster Cleaning; Easy-Steer Micro Fibre Head with 360 Degree Joint; Mop 33 cm Wide; Spin Mop


Leifheit CLEAN TWIST System Medium Mop and Bucket Set with Rolling Cart

  • Convenient: Wheeled bucket makes light of cleaning larger areas. Easy to wring mop, in-handle spin wring is simple and easy on your back
  • How damp?: Choose how moist you want the flat mop to be: spin the mop by just pressing the handle; the more presses, the dryer it becomes
  • Micro fibre mop head: The mixed micro fibres make this mop ideal for cleaning all hard floors types. The mop has a cleaning width of 33cm
  • 360 Degree Handle joint: The mop is agile, it is easily steered and can lie flat for cleaning under furniture, Mop head washable at 60 Degree Celsius

Product Details: Item no. 52050; 3 year guarantee. Patented in-handle spin; Handle adjustable to 130cm, 20 L Bucket size L46.6 x W34 x H26 cm

Leifheit’s CLEAN TWIST M System Mop Set with rollers gently and confidently cleans wood and sensitive floors using minimal water. As a novel and effortless spin mop, its patented rotation mechanism within the handle allows for convenient and efficient wringing of the mop cover. Through repeated spinning, the mop cover becomes damp-only, suitable and safe for use on wood and delicate surfaces, without the risk of water damage or scratches from dirt.

With a 33 cm wide mop base, it is ideal for efficiently cleaning small to medium wood floor areas. The mop cover is made of durable super-soft fibres. Rows of looped fibres gently remove and absorb stubborn dirt with ease. The mop’s flexible wiping joint enables cleaning in wavy lines, into corners, around items and lies flat under furniture. Its smooth-running rollers also offer added convenience and ease for moving the bucket around.

Set includes: CLEAN TWIST Mop, 20 L CLEAN TWIST Bucket and CLEAN TWIST spinning wringer, CLEAN TWIST Roller cart.

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