Leifheit Extra Large Hand Held Duster

Leifheit Extra Large Hand Held Duster

Leifheit Extra Large Hand Held Duster, Click System Micro Fibre Duster XL 38cm

The home is dust-free in moments with the Leifheit Duster XL. Soft to the touch, it is effective at attracting and holding onto the finest of dust like a magnet. The anti-static, super-tight microfibres absorb the dust within the thick fleece and prevent dust particles from scattering and settling elsewhere. The Duster XL has an extra-large 38 cm cleaning surface so provides a generous reach and makes dusting fast. It glides easily across walls, into corners and around stairwells; carefully into gaps and gently over delicate surfaces, such as glass vases, ornaments, chandeliers and computer and television screens. It is easy to store hanging by the handle’s loop. For cleaning, simply vacuum gently the fleece or wash by hand.

As an additional extra, the hand-held Duster can also attach onto any of Leifheit’s telescopic handles with the interconnecting Leifheit Click System. These are available in different lengths to make cleaning and dusting accessible for high and hard-to-reach areas.

Fibres hold dust in – This hand held extra large duster has fibres that act like a magnet to attract and to retain dust and dirt within its thick white fleece.

Soft fibres – The ultra-soft fibres glide across walls and ceilings to remove cobwebs. The fibres are also suited to squeeze into corners, small areas, across curtains and blinds.

XL- surface area – The extra-large 38 cm cleaning surface is ideal for dusting large and smooth surfaces like tables or screens, house plants and bookshelves, as well as delicate areas.

Click system – Thanks Leifheit’s interconnecting easy Click System, the Duster XL can attach onto any of Leifheit’s extendable poles (Available separately) to dust high and difficult areas without the need for a ladder.

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