Brushes and Handles

Leifheit offers the complete range of brooms and handles to make brushing and collecting dirt and dust particles easy that incorporate the patented Click System.

The unique X-Bristle brush quickly collects dirt and prevents it escaping thanks to its bristle design, the curved shape ensures dust is collected at the middle of the head and the shape is designed so as not to damage furniture.

There are soft foam options which are kind to delicate floors and even rubber bristle heads that are great for sweeping away water and liquid.

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Brushes and Handles
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LEIFHEIT Click System Rubber Bristle Brush Head 30cm
Hygienic Supra bristles made of natural rubber that sweep up dust, hair and dirt, even from carpets. Now there is the broom with the easy-care Supra broom as a cleaning head for the Leifheit Easy Click system.
LEIFHEIT Click System Telescopic Handle 110-190cm
One handle for multiple cleaning devices, the Easy-Click function of the Leifheit telescopic extension handle makes it possible to clean without an effort and reach those hard to clean places.
LEIFHEIT Click System Telescopic Handle 145-400cm
One handle for many different cleaning devices: the Easy-Click function of the Leifheit telescopic handle makes it possible. Simply replace the cleaning head, click home, ready and can be used with all click system attachments..
LEIFHEIT Suprabroom Rubber Broom with Squeegee Blade
Rubber broom especially good at removing pet hairs from carpet and hard floors without them tangling around the bristles as on normal brooms.