Classic Mop System

Simple cleaning with practical attachments for wet cleaning of tiles and stone floors. 

With a floor wiper for hand-wringing, mops with a practical squeeze mechanism in the handle, and the classic mop and wringing bucket. 

The range includes a variety of mop heads with cloth strips in different materials to suit all floor types. 

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Classic Mop System
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LEIFHEIT Classic Mop and Bucket Set
The Leifheit mop set consists of a 3-piece handle, a 12-litre bucket and a Classic Mop attachment. The mop has absorbent viscose fibres that absorb water and dirt particularly well!
LEIFHEIT Classic Mop Head
Leifheit Classic mop head with 27 cm long absorbent viscose strips with a universal thread connection. Suitable for small to medium sized floors, stairs and corners, making it ideal for cleaning tiles and stone floors
LEIFHEIT Classic Viscose Cloth Mop Heads
Fast cleaning in every corner. The Leifheit Replacement Mop Head is the perfect pair to the new Leifheit Classic Mop.