Cleaning Solutions

Leifheit have the solution for every clean floor and surface in and around your home.

Whether you need a deep cleaning chemical, a laminate or parquet floor protector, a wooden floor varnish reviver, or a glass and window spray cleaner, Leifheit has specially formulated a liquid to provide the perfect solution to your all your needs.

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Cleaning Solutions
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LEIFHEIT Bathroom Descaler Cleaning  Spray Bottle 500ml
Leifheit Bathroom spray removes with its anti-scale formula easily removes limescale build up from shower cubicles, wash basins, from glass to tiles. Simply spray on, let it work and clean off - everything will gleam like new.
LEIFHEIT Fat Solvent Degreaser Cleaning Spray Bottle 500ml
Only a few drops of this first class fat, grease and oil solvent dissolver liquid are enough to clean up difficult stains, even dried and burnt on food can easily be removed quite easily.
LEIFHEIT Glass Mirror Window Cleaning Liquid Solution 1000ml
Leifheit Glass liquid cleaner conjures streak-free and long lasting gleam on windows, mirrors as well as on all smooth surfaces, due to the special formula cleaning agent that covers the surface with a protective film.
LEIFHEIT Glass Mirror Window Cleaning Liquid Spray Bottle 500ml
Leifheit window spray cleans glass and mirrors quickly without leaving any streaks thanks to its special gleam alcohol formula. Spray on, wipe the surface, leave to act, then remove with the Leifheit window vacuum.
LEIFHEIT Glass Mirror Window Cleaning Liquid Spray Bottle With Wiper 500ml
Window trigger cleaning spray and a washable window wash-pad all in one. Simply spray the area to clean, then wipe with the unique micro fibre pad to leave a sparkling streak free finish.
LEIFHEIT Gleam Tile and Stone Floor Cleaning Liquid Solution1000ml
Even older stone floors will be brought to life again like new with our cleaning solution. The Leifheit stone and tile cleaner covers floors with a gleam finish dirt resistant protective coating.
LEIFHEIT Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray Bottle 500ml
Quick and thorough cleanliness for the household. Leifheit Universal multi purpose cleaner removes dirt, fat and stains from all smooth and light structured surfaces.
LEIFHEIT Parquet and Laminate Floor Cleaning Liquid Solution 1000ml
Careful cleaning for sensitive floors such as parquet and laminate . The special ingredients do not leave unpleasant smears, water residue marks or damage the flooring.
LEIFHEIT Power Tile and Stone Floor Cleaning Liquid Solution 1000ml
Whether for the regular intensive base cleaning or for the removing of dirt after renovations, with Leifheit Power Cleaner even persistent dirt is removed efficiently and completely.