Drying Racks and Airers

Our sturdy and durable airers and laundry care products are uncomplicated to put up and take down from Leifheit, the experts in drying.

All Leifheit airers and clothes dryers are built to last and designed so that you can dry the maximum amount of laundry in any given space

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Drying Racks and Airers
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Classic 200 Flex Free Standing Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer
The Leifheit Roma 200 Drying Rack fits extra long items of washing. Simply set up the two large wings to the desired height, and dry out your trousers, dresses or bathroom handtowels without any of them touching the floor.
Classic 250 Flex Free Standing Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer
A laundry dryer that does exactly what you need it to do. With three drying levels and 25 metres of line length, the Leifheit Standing Dryer Classic 250 Flex is perfectly suited for drying all your laundry items.
Classic 270 Tower Free Standing Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer
The Classic Tower 270 Tower Dryer is a real space-saving wonder. With a set-up space of just 68 x 68 cm it fits in practically every corner, in a narrow bathroom, on a small balcony or in narrow corridors.
Classic 450 Tower Free Standing Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer
The Classic Tower 450 Tower Dryer has a a set-up space of just 69 x 73 cm. There are three drying levels on top of each other offering 45 metres of line length for drying which is space for 4 to 5 washing machine loads!
Classic 80 Easy Free Standing Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer
The Leifheit Laundry Dryer Capri 80 provides a compact and stable drying place. The small size allows it to fits into bathtubs. With a total line length of 8 metres, you will have enough space for a whole washing machine load.
Deluxe Extra Soft Clothes Laundry Pegs Pack Of 25
Leifheit pegs with a soft cushioned rubber grips for the sensitive clothing, silks and woollens. Their cushioned grip prevents pulls and peg imprints, holding your laundry securely in place whilst being rust and water proof.
Pegasus 110 Bath Folding Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer
The laundry rack is designed to fit securely over bath tubs with its unique v shape construction. The practical dryer has 12 lockable positions and can hang one machine load of washing. Comes with a 3 year guarantee.
Pegasus 150 Flex Free Standing Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer
Whether on the outside or on the inside, Leifheit Pegasus 150 laundry dryer is made of high quality rust proof stainless steel with adjustable offering a durable hygienic and clean drying place for the laundry.
Pegasus 180 Solid Maxx Free Standing Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer
Long trousers or long dresses - it makes no difference. The Pegasus 180 MAXX winged laundry drying rack is the first dryer on which can dry XXL clothing items comfortably without them swishing on the floor.
Pegasus 190 Bath Extendable Folding Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer
With a few simple touches, the Pegasus 190 can be extended to an impressive 1.9 metres making it fit any size of bathtub. Its sturdy design is further enhanced by a triple locking security mechanism.
Pegasus 190 Tower Free Standing Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer
The tower dryer Pegasus Tower has a compact base of 66 x 61 cm making it ideal even for the smallest of space. There are two small item clip holders for hanging socks and underwear without taking up a lot of space.
Pegasus 200 Solid Comfort Free Standing Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer
The standing dryer Pegasus 200 Solid Comfort has all your mobile drying place with a peg bag and 5 windproof hangers included. Its drying length is imposing 20 m and offers space for almost two loads of laundry.
Pegasus 200 Tower Deluxe Free Standing Clothes Airer Dryer
The Pegasus Tower 200 Deluxe has it all, offering much more drying space on the smallest of bases. With its foot print of only 66 x 61cm on the tower dryer, it will fit into shower cubicles and narrow balconies.
Telegant 36 Protect Plus Wall Mounted Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer 3.6m
This household essential Telegant 3.6m wall mount laundry drying rack provides a safe place to air dry delicates and other items. It features a stainless steel towel bar below the concealed drying rails.
Telegant 72 Protect Wall Mounted Clothes Laundry Airer Dryer 7.2m
The Telegant 72 Protect offers 7.2 m of drying length on this wall mounted clothes airer for the home. At 1 metre wide, it fixes neatly onto the wall giving useful drying space in bathrooms, utility rooms and balconies.
Telegant Protect Plus 81 Wall Mounted Airer Dryer 1.8m
The Leifheit Telegant 81 Protect Plus 8.1m Wall Dryer is a neat and clever wall mounted dryer to place in a bath or utility room, it contains five pull out steel rails aa required.