Dustpans and Hand Brushes

The range of short and long handles dust pans and brushes makes for easy cleaning and sweeping away all that dirt.

They have specially designed collection champers to allow efficient and easy collection of dust. There is a closed pan option that makes easy transport to the bin without spilling any dirt.

Leifheit dust pans with brushes are always at hand and ready to use!

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Dustpans and Hand Brushes
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LEIFHEIT Dustpan With Dirt Chamber And Hand Brush Set
Leifheit hand sweeping set has an extra large shovel with a three-sided closed chamber for the transport of even finest dust particles preventing dirt from escaping once already collected.
LEIFHEIT Long Handled Closed Dustpan And Brush Set
The sweeping set with lots of extras for greater cleanliness and comfort. The versatile broom's long handle is equipped with a continuously adjustable joint that reaches into every corner.