All Kitchen Roll Holders

Yes, Cost £7.50. We ask for an image of the cutters to ensure we are sending the correct ones. Consumers often get the name of their model muddled.

Linomatic Rotary Clothes Lines

No- the lines are factory fitted. However, being woven nylon they are very strong and will last and last. Most standard rotary clothes lines have plastic covered lines with only a thin nylon centre. They need replacing either because they stretch of due to their plastic outer covering becoming "sticky" due to UV sunlight degradation. This does not happen on the Linomatic's.

The issue is probably due to the plastic pieces on the arms having moved apart slightly in transit or storage, and the the lines becoming trapped somewhere.

If lines do not retract into the arms, or the arms will not open, it is probably because the lines are trapped somewhere.

Check that each line is running free into each separate guide in its arm and that the line is not caught in some way where it enters each arm guide. Occasionally in transit (or even use) the plastic arm guides can move apart allowing the line to move out of the smooth “u” shaped entry guide and become trapped or jammed between the upper and lower guides. Ease the line back into the “u” shape guide and push the plastic guides together down the arm.

Another issue is that sometimes the top circle of line may have become wrapped around an arm thus shortening it and again not allowing all the lines to extend evenly and the arms to rise evenly. 

This is a useful video prepared by one of our retailers who sells many of the Linomatic style  rotaries – it may help too.


Another tip passed on by a consumer is to clean the centre pole with a "Scotch Brite" or Scourer pad, to ensure it is smooth so that the collar can slide freely.

Floor Sweepers

Yes, cost £8.00