Ironing Accessories

Leifheit have a range of ironing chair seats that provide comfort and back support when using your ironing board.

They are multi-adjustable, available in silver or white, hold up to 100 Kg weight and fold away for easy storage when not being used.

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Ironing Accessories
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LEIFHEIT  Multi Seat Niveau Ironing Chair White
Whether to be kind to the back while ironing or as a comfortable helper while standing in the kitchen, the Leifheit multi-seat Niveau is a daily helper, which makes itself quickly essential.
LEIFHEIT Clothes Peg Bag
The Leifheit clothespin bag not only has a water-permeable bottom, but also a large filling volume and offers space for up to 100 brackets. The clothespin bag can easily be attached to the clothesline with its sturdy snap hook!
LEIFHEIT Ironing Accessories
Remove lint off your clothes with this laundry bundle.
LEIFHEIT Ironing Glove
The Leifheit ironing glove is not only a perfect, but also a quick help for ironing sleeves, collars, bags or ties. The glove is made of 73% polyester and 27% polyurethane!
LEIFHEIT Lint Fluff Razor
The Leifheit lint razor not only has particularly sharp stainless steel blades, but is also adjustable in three stages thanks to the protective cap and can therefore be used on various fabrics. The lint razor has a removable lint container and is battery-powered!
LEIFHEIT Textile Lint Brush

The Dressetta lint brush is the perfect solution for removing lint from clothes and furniture.