Kitchen Utensils

Function meets aesthetics at every turn with Leifheit kitchen utensils. We offer a wide range from graters, slicers, serving spoons, grinders, mills, can openers and pizza cutters.

Please browse the range and you can be confident in using your new Leifheit utensil with the reassurance of a 3 year guarantee.

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Kitchen Utensils
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LEIFHEIT All Purpose 4 in 1 Grater
This is a highly versatile vegetable cheese food grater comes with 5 different grating inserts. There is a protective finger guard and has the benefit of being dishwasher proof making it easy to clean.
LEIFHEIT Chip Potato Vegetable Chipper Cutter Slicer
Easily cut potato and vegetable sticks with two blade inserts. One press of the handle produces many sticks in 10 mm and 12 mm sizes. The non-slip soft touch zone on the handle along with the anti-slip base provides stability and prevents movement whilst cutting.
LEIFHEIT Comfort and Clean White Food Vegetable Chopper Dicer
This convenient dishwasher safe manual food chopper evenly cuts food and vegetables thanks to its innovative rotating blade action.
LEIFHEIT Digital Roasting Thermometer
The Leifheit roast thermometer has a timer function and an acoustic temperature alarm, which means that nothing stands in the way of accurate food preparation. In addition, the thermometer can also be used at temperatures up to 380 °C thanks to its extra heat-resistant measuring cable!
LEIFHEIT Food Meat Poultry Temperature Thermometer Probe
Instead of many special thermometers using this one measuring instrument for the exact frying and baking is enough. It offers two practical functions at the same time. This enables control over the oven temperature. With its long stainless steel sensor it indicates the heart temperature of meat or steaks.
LEIFHEIT Knobi King Garlic Press
Innovative dishwasher safe garlic press that uses the natural motion of your hand to mince garlic, using the weight of your own body making it Ideal for people who have problems using conventional presses. The garlic does not get crushed but is micro cut, preserving the aromatic oils of the garlic.
LEIFHEIT Nutmeg Grater
The Leifheit nutmeg grater not only has an extra hardened, stainless steel friction surface, but also a storage and freshness container. In addition, the grater is dishwasher safe, so it can be easily cleaned!
LEIFHEIT Parmesan Cheese Grater
The stiffness Parmesan grater allows rubbing in two directions through an efficient rubbing surface, which makes the parmesan rubbing effortlessly and twice as fast with it. In addition, the grater has an ergonomically shaped collection and dosing container!
LEIFHEIT Potato Ricer
The Leifheit potato and spaetzle press not only consists of a particularly stable construction made of die-cast aluminum, but is also dismountable thanks to the removable pin and thus easy to clean. The press can even find space in the dishwasher!
LEIFHEIT Proline BBQ Kitchen Tongs 41cm
The Leifheit kitchen and grill tongs must not be missing in any household. Operation is enormously facilitated by a novel locking mechanism. In addition, it has a sturdy stainless steel handle, which makes it particularly comfortable to hold!
LEIFHEIT Proline Can Opener
The Leifheit can opener not only fits well in the hand due to its oval-pious handle, it also looks very good due to its high-quality workmanship of stainless steel and black plastic!
LEIFHEIT Proline Combi Egg Slicer Cutter
The Leifheit egg cutter not only cuts round and oval slices, it also cuts gaps. Due to its stable stainless steel wires, it cuts cleanly and accurately and also consists of a high-quality stainless steel housing!
LEIFHEIT Proline Flambe Burner
The Leifheit flambé burner not only burns through the sugar of desserts and cakes, but also ensures aromatization of meat. With its comfortable operation and piezo ignition, which guarantees the necessary safety, it is something very special and should not be missing in any kitchen!
LEIFHEIT Proline Hob Scraper
The Leifheit hob scraper not only has three blades that are stored in the head of the kitchen helper, but also has a blade guard to prevent injuries and scratching of objects!
LEIFHEIT Proline Kitchen Utensil Hook Rail

The Leifheit hook strip not only consists of a high-quality combination of stainless steel and black plastic, it is equipped with 9 sliding hooks. It is perfect in combination with the spatula, ladle and Co. from the stainless steel series!

LEIFHEIT Proline Meat Fork
The stiffness meat fork not only has a particularly pleasant handling, but also a stylish design. Due to its practical hanging eyelet, it is always at hand and easy to store!
LEIFHEIT Proline Serving Spoon
The stainless steel vegetable spoon lies well and securely in the hand thanks to its oval-shaped handle and cuts a fine figure even when serving thanks to its appearance.
LEIFHEIT Proline Skimming Spoon
The Leifheit foam spoon convinces not only in its pleasant handling, but also with its stylish design. Thanks to its suspension eye, it can be conveniently stored on a hook strip.
LEIFHEIT Proline Soup Ladle
The Leifheit ladle convinces not only with its stylish design, but also with its pleasant handling. Furthermore, the trowel has a practical hanging eye for a hook strip, which makes it always at hand!
LEIFHEIT Proline Spaghetti Spoon
The Leifheit stainless steel ladle convinces not only in its pleasant handling, but also in its stylish design. In addition, the spoon has a practical suspension eye for the separately available stainless steel hook strip and is therefore always at hand and quickly stowed away!
LEIFHEIT Proline Spatula

Thanks to its oval-shaped handle, the stainless steel spatula lies well and securely in the hand and cuts a fine figure even when serving thanks to its appearance.

LEIFHEIT Proline Speed Quirl Whisk
The Leifheit whisk has specially twisted wires, which makes whipping sauces, stirring creams until foamy and foaming milk even faster!
LEIFHEIT Proline Stainless Steel Potato Masher
The Leifheit potato masher ProLine convinces not only in its pleasant handling, but also with its stylish design. The tamper also has a practical suspension eyelet for a hook strip, which makes it always at hand!
LEIFHEIT Proline Stainless Steel Universal Bottle Jar Lid Opener
The Leifheit lid opener not only impresses with its easy opening of bottles, glasses, tubes and the like, it also has an elegant design thanks to the high-quality combination of black plastic and stainless steel!
LEIFHEIT Proline Vegetable Peeler
The Leifheit potato peeler is the design highlight in every kitchen. Due to the high-quality combination of stainless steel and black plastic, it not only looks excellent visually, its stability and handling is also very pleasant!
LEIFHEIT Rotary Cheese Grater Mill
Rotary Cheese Mill Grater for the easy grating of hard cheese. It completely dismantles to make for easy cleaning . It is is suitable for both left and right handed people as the arms can be used on either side of the mill. It comes compete with a 3 year guarantee.
LEIFHEIT Safety Can Tin Opener
The Leifheit Safety Can Opener, opens cans without leaving sharp edges. It opens cans and leaves blunt edges removing the risk of cuts and bleeding. It is suitable for both left and tight handers and also includes an opener for bottle top caps or vacuum glasses.
LEIFHEIT Salad Spinner Dryer
The Leifheit salad spinner allows easy operation for left- and right-handed people thanks to the practical crank drive. In addition, the ergonomic shape can guarantee a good fixation and a secure hold!
LEIFHEIT Silicone Coated BBQ Grill Kitchen Tongs 23cm
The Leifheit kitchen and grill silicone coated tongs is ideal for the precise holding and safe turning. Can be used as a spatula, bread, meat or pasta holder, these sturdy tongs made of stainless steel complete with a safety locking mechanism for safe and practical storage.
LEIFHEIT Universal Digital Kitchen Thermometer

The Leifheit kitchen thermometer not only allows precise cooking and frying, but is also handy and measures the temperature very accurately!