So geht haushalt heute

More time for the things that matter in life.

How housework’s done today.


Leifheit makes housework easier and the home nicer. How housework’s done today.

Outstanding functionality, durability and high quality – people across generations have associated these attributes with Leifheit. We will continue to focus on these values in future while positioning Leifheit as a modern brand that helps people in today’s ever faster-paced world by making housework easier and the home nicer, so that there is more time for the important things in life. The claim “How housework’s done today”, developed in 2017, a fresh brand identity and products featuring impressive design and functionality underscore this positioning.

Our “Leifheit 2020” growth strategy is centred on the further expansion of our Brand Business. We intend to systematically develop our brands, enhance their profiles and strengthen their competitive positions.

Leifheit – one of the leading household brands

For almost six decades, Leifheit has been one of the leading brands for household products in Germany and many European markets. The brand offers product solutions in the cleaning, laundry care and kitchen goods categories which are easy to use while delivering the perfect result. “However, our brand had fallen a little behind the times,” says Andreas Groner, who has been Head of Marketing at Leifheit since 2014. In 2017, the company therefore began taking steps to carefully reposition the brand.

“Our key concerns in this process related to the ability to identify the brand’s core, monitoring our target groups and – above all – our corporate vision: We are your leading experts for solutions that make your everyday life at home easier and more convenient,” Groner says.




Clean and tidy – fast and without fuss

In recent years, the importance of housework in Western society has decreased dramatically. Whereas women once used to be in charge of managing the household, they long ago stopped defining themselves through housework. Other things have become more important in their lives, such as their jobs, relationships, quality time with their children, hobbies, friends or simply time for themselves.

“Traditional gender roles have also long since collapsed,” Groner says. This of course applies to housework as well, which women and men nowadays increasingly take care of together. At the same time, the importance of home is growing. Many people see it as their refuge, a haven of tranquillity and as an oasis of wellbeing.

Housework is no longer an end in itself, but rather a means to an end – a way to achieve a nice, beautiful home. These tasks have to be performed in between and alongside many other things, and they should deliver the perfect result, quickly and easily. Leifheit products help with this every day. How housework’s done today.

Our brand is part of life.

By repositioning the Leifheit brand and through the claim “How housework’s done today”, we have redefined which values shape our brand experience, in addition to how the brand resents itself and communicates. It is important that all target groups always experience this brand experience in the same manner. This of course includes presenting a uniform appearance – and worldwide at that. At the same time, we are taking a close look at our communication activities: What can stay? What needs to be adjusted? And what needs to be entirely redesigned?

Some changes are already evident, for example in the new TV spots and visual motifs, while others are still a work in progress. “Leifheit products function simply and are well thought out. The same thing needs to be applied to our communications in order to convey the brand values,” says Nicole Simon, who has been a member of Leifheit’s Marketing team since 2013.

At the heart of life

“Our brand is part of life. And that is also how we want to communicate – with candour, vitality and approachability,” Simon says. For us, this means leaving behind scenarios which feel staged and unnatural expressions and turning instead towards real people and spaces filled with life, with plenty of scope for surprising ideas and delight.

“Our brand appeals to people like you and me, which is why the people we present are not picture-perfect models. Our protagonists are likeable people. They may be interesting and attractive, but they certainly have minor flaws too. These are people who we can personally identify with, such as the jogger in our TV spot for the LinoProtect rotary dryer with a roof which lets him breathe easy when a sudden rain shower hits, even though he has hung his laundry out to dry,” Simon explains.

Regardless of the medium, be it a film, advertisement, poster, sales folder, website or post, one rule applies to all areas of communication for the Leifheit brand: simple, but always with a dash of humour, esprit or playfulness. This approach is new, and it no longer only highlights the perfect functioning of a product, but the result instead.

“Housekeeping is not exactly the hottest topic around, and let’s be honest, very few people actually enjoy cleaning or ironing. Even so, it has to get done. The world we live in isn’t perfect, but we aim to show that it’s possible to do these chores quickly and easily, so that there is more time for the things that matter in life. Here at Leifheit, we are committed to achieving this aim. That is our mission.”

Design is the face of the brand.

Our brand makes a promise. A promise that our products have to deliver on, day after day. This is why we have the highest standards for our products in terms of their quality and workmanship, but above all their functionality and the results they provide.

And what role does product design play in all of this? How is it possible to translate the Leifheit brand values into design? How can design give our products even more of an impact? What demands do consumers have when it comes to the design of a household product? These are questions that product designer Christian Sambale, who has been a member of the Leifheit Development team since 2015, asks himself.

Ergonomics, practical utility and simplicity

On the question of whether design is truly important in terms of a household product, Sambale is certain: “It definitely is,” he says. “When we design our Leifheit products, we focus above all on ergonomics, practical utility and intuitive use. Leifheit products are simple and well thought out. This is reflected in their ergonomic shape and streamlined design,” he explains. Innovations, such as the Regulus PowerVac 2in1 cordless vacuum cleaner or the CleanTenso steam cleaner already adhere closely to Leifheit’s new design language.

Simple products reveal on their own how they function. Alongside shape, colour also plays a major role to this end. “We do not use colours primarily as a decorative element; rather, they explain the product. Highlighting controls through specific colours makes the product intuitive and even easier to use, so that you achieve the perfect result faster. In addition, we choose surfaces that can stand up to the demands placed on them and which provide a pleasant user experience, both in terms of how it looks and how it feels. At the same time, our products stay out of focus and blend discreetly into the background of a modern home.”


Leifheit. How housework's done today.

Simple, well-thought-out products from Leifheit. Our Regulus PowerVac 2in1 cordless vacuum cleaner, the CleanTenso steam cleaner, the Clean Twist cleaning system, the Airboard ironing board and the successful Leifheit window vacuum cleaner all have one thing in common:

they help people in today’s ever faster-paced world by making housework easier and the home nicer so that there is more time for the truly important things in life.Leifheit. How housework’s done today.