The VDP Association of the German parquet industry recommends Leifheit:

„A parquet floor is a very personal thing for many people. It’s a natural material that brings every room to life and has a very exclusive appearance.

Different colours and grains due to the growth and structure of the wood make every parquet floor incomparable and unique. A parquet floor has its own special character. You can see it and feel it.

Parquet regulates humidity and contributes to a pleasant room climate. Another positive aspect is that it has a surface that is very easy to clean, so germs and allergens can be quickly and reliably removed. Parquet also has a feel-good factor because it is warm to walk on.

When you renovate a house it isn’t necessary to replace a parquet floor, so it’s a practical investment as long as it is treated and cared for properly.

Only Leifheit offers a comprehensive cleaning and care system to preserve the long-term value of an investment in parquet flooring. Parquet is easily and effectively cleaned and cared for with Leifheit products.“

Managing Director Dirk-Uwe Klaas Parkett Industrie e.V