Profi System

The Profi system is a specialist in thorough cleaning of tiles and stone floors. Cleaning made easy for demanding households, without bending down and getting your hands dirty.

The Profi mop bucket is extremely versatile and easy to move around with a simple push down pedal to wring the mop thoroughly.

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Profi System
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LEIFHEIT  Profi XL Cotton Plus Replacement Wiper Head Cover 42cm
No scratches, no smears and no damages caused by water, the Leifheit wiper cover Profi extra soft is the perfect cleaning solution for sensitive floors like parquet, laminate and cork.
LEIFHEIT  Profi XL Microfibre Duo Mop Wiper Cover Pad
From now on even grease and finest dirt have no chance. Leifheit wiper cover Profi micro duo offers the double cleaning power due to its special bristles.
LEIFHEIT Click System Profi XL Mobile Press Mop  Bucket
The ideal solution for cleaning large surfaces quickly. The Wiping Cloth Press consists of a compact 8 litre capacity bucket and a press attachment, which can be easily and comfortably operated by foot.
LEIFHEIT Profi Compact Press Mop Bucket
The practical Profi compact bucket is easy to use and is the ideal solution for the cleaning without discomfort and getting your hands dirty with the easy wring mop system.
LEIFHEIT Profi XL Micro Fibre Mop with Telescopic Handle
Leifheit Profi XL Micro Fibre Mop with Steel Handle, 42cm Large Flat Floor Mop Head, 360° Universal Joint for Easy Steering 
LEIFHEIT Profi XL Mobile Bucket and Mop Set
The Profi micro duo mop has an impressive wiping width of 42cm significantly shortening the cleaning time you need to mop. The dual-fibre wiper cover reaches into to the smallest recesses removing stubborn dirt.
LEIFHEIT Profi XL Outdoor Replacement Wiper Head Cover 42cm
The specialist Leifheit wringer cover is ideal for outdoor cleaning with the tough plastic bristles it will even remove stubborn dirt making it perfect for cleaning balconies, patios and outdoor spaces.
LEIFHEIT Profi XL Wiper Cover Set
Be able to clean all your floors with this Profi wiper set. With an outdoor, microfibre cloth and super soft pad your floors will be clean in no time.