Spray Mops

Leifheit spray mops have a built in cleaning solution cartridge that sprays a controllable fine mist so as not to drench your floor in water.

For an easy and convenient way to give all flat surfaced floor types, from wood to tiles, a quick in between clean, just simply spray and wipe to clean your floor!

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Spray Mops
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LEIFHEIT Pico Spray S Replacement Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
The full power of the microfibre for thoroughly clean floors is obvious when wiping gently removes even stubborn dirt and grease residues - completely without detergent, completely lint and streak-free.
LEIFHEIT Picobello Medium 33cm Floor Wiper With Telescopic Handle 80-140cm
Piccolo is the small comfortable floor wiper with great effect. The handle has a smooth operating press mechanism, which enables the pressure of the wiper to clean floors without bending down or getting your hands dirty.