Storage and Organising

The Leifheit Parquet range of kitchen roll, foil and cling film holders provide a real practical wall mounted storage solution freeing up space in your kitchen cupboards.

Tidy up your kitchen, move the kitchen paper roll from the work surface, take the cling foil out of the drawer put all these items in one place. Minimal footprint and a smart storage solution!

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Storage and Organising
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LEIFHEIT Bolero Thermo Insulated Vacuum Jug 1 Litre
High quality insulating jug Bolero convinces with its chic design in frosted appearance. With the muted style colour satin-black it gives a special accent to the coffee or tea delight whether in the office or at home.
LEIFHEIT Folding White Food and Drink Serving Trolley Cart
This award winning folding drinks and food server trolley combines ergonomic design, functionality and a practical simple folding mechanism for easy storage with the added benefit of two shelves.
LEIFHEIT Parat F2 Wall Mounted Kitchen Paper Towel Roll Holder White
It's useful to have everything at an arms length: aluminium foil and cling film, kitchen roll, spices. All fit in one place in the wall-mounted roll holder Parat F2. Spices can be placed atop the practical storage shelf.
LEIFHEIT Parat Plus Wall Mounted Kitchen Paper Towel Roll Holder White
The wall-mounted roll holder Parat Plus offers everything that is needed again in between times. Two closed containers offer space for aluminium foils and cling films.
LEIFHEIT Parat Royal Wall Mounted Kitchen Paper Roll Holder Matt Stainless Steel
Pulling out, cutting, cling films, kitchen foil and paper towels rolls, the wall-mounted roll holder Parat Royal in elegant stainless steel appearance cuts with neat and precise with its razor-sharp special blades.
LEIFHEIT Stainless Steel Therm Insulating Jug 600ml
This 4-6 cup, high quality double-walled. matt stainless steel insulated body jug is guaranteed to keep your drink swarm or cold for hours and hours. It also comes with the reassurance of a 5 year guarantee.