Leifheit AG grants you 3 years guarantee as of the date of purchase (or for order upon receipt of the goods) for the quality product at hand. The guarantee claims must be asserted immediately upon occurrence of the defect within the guarantee period.The guarantee is limited to the quality of the products. The following are excluded from the guarantee:

(1) wear caused by proper use or natural causes;

(2) damage caused by improper use or handling (e.g. impact, bump, fall);

(3) damage caused by non-compliance with stated operating instructions;

(4) the rechargeable battery

In case of a guarantee claim, Leifheit will at its own discretion provide either repair of defective parts or replace the product. If a repair is not possible and if an identical product is no longer available within the product range for replacement, you will receive a replacement product that is, insofar as possible, of equal value. In case of a guarantee claim, the purchase price cannot be reimbursed. This guarantee also does not grant compensation rights. This guarantee furthermore does not grant any claims for damages.

To assert the guarantee, please contact the seller where you purchased the product and present the defective product, the purchase receipt (copy) and the guarantee slip.

The guarantee is valid globally.

Your statutory rights, in particular warranty rights, continue to be valid and are not limited by this warranty