Weighing and Measuring

From the clever Baking Star Jug, to the smart Cooking Star Weighing Spoon, to the dishwasher proof Aqua kitchen scales, Soehnle provide exciting, exclusive and innovative market leading designs.

All our scales have anti-tare functions and are capable of weighing in the smallest of increments enabling to produce the exact results you demand when cooking.

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Weighing and Measuring
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LEIFHEIT  Salad Dressing Oil Mixer Shaker Bottle 300ml
With the Dressing Shaker from Leifheit, mixing an exquisite salad sauce is simple and easy. Unlike most other dressing shakers, it has an anti-drip spout.
SOEHNLE Cooking Star Weighing Spoon Digital Kitchen Weighing Scales
Who is not familiar with problem, the smaller the quantities, the more difficult they are to weigh. No problem for Cooking Star. In increments to 0.1 g precise, this digital "spoon scale" precisely weighs miniscule amounts of solid and liquid ingredients. It offers a total load capacity of 500 g.
SOEHNLE Genio Folding Compact Digital Kitchen Weighing Scales White
The digital kitchen scale Genio with its clever, space-saving construction is sure to fit even into the smallest kitchen, where it can comfortably be stored in the cutlery drawer. The two weighing arms are continuously adjustable and are thus suitable for all commercially available bowls.
SOEHNLE Natural Bamboo Digital Kitchen Weighing Scales
Bamboo, natural and trendy. The digital kitchen scale Bamboo is eye catching and brings a natural freshness into every kitchen. Its weighing platform is made of real bamboo which blends harmoniously into any modern surroundings and is hygienic thanks to its easy-cleaning surface.
SOEHNLE Olympia Digital Slimline Digital Kitchen Weighing Scales
Soehnle Olympia digital kitchen slimline space saving thin white digital with a large weighing platform. These scales are suitable in and around your home or office with an extra large LCD display. Comes complete with batteries, instruction booklet and a 5-year guarantee.
SOEHNLE Page Compact 100 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scales
The Soehnle Page Compact 100 kitchen scale is perfect for getting you set up in your first kitchen. Equipped with a weighing capacity of 5 kg and precise 1 g incremental measurements, it offers high levels of performance despite its compact and stylish size.
SOEHNLE Page Dishwasher Safe Water Proof Digital Kitchen Weighing Scales
The Page Aqua Proof digital kitchen scales care dishwasher safe or can be rinsed under running water to clean, thanks to its TÜV ­certified waterproof housing. All dirty marks can be washed away with ease, knowing that all the electronics inside are safely protected.
SOEHNLE Roma Digital Kitchen Weighing Scales Silver
Classic elegance and clear shapes are just the right ingredients for a modern kitchen. The digital kitchen scale Roma Silver is not just an aesthetic joy but also has an easy to read LCD screen with a removeable weighing plate made of safety glass backed by a 5 year guarantee.